The end-to-end
Workforce Management

A workforce management platform that helps you digitize all your workflows with an aim of improving productivity and reducing friction


Build & Manage your workforce

Invite your workers onto the platform through our seamless worker on-boarding flow.


Create & assign shifts

Create your own master shifts with the option of smart auto-assignment of shifts to your pool of workers backed up with prompt actions from your workers to accept shifts.

Track attendance

Track time & Attendance

Use our QR code-based or facial recognition-based attendance system that seamlessly captures attendance and generates timesheets that go straight to your dashboard.


Automated Payroll & one click Payment

Once attendance is captured and timesheets are generated, we use your compensation structure to automatically calculate your payroll breakup. With the option of then processing payments, you can then seamlessly transfer wages to your workforce.


Monitor workers performance in real time

Analyze the performance of your workforce across shifts & monitor key metrics related to worker expenses and fulfillment.

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